Monday, May 16, 2016

Towards a universal Jamahiriya, a democratic government of the People!

"Gaddafi was killed because he, and a few other African leaders were planning to start the 1st Central Bank of Africa. If this was successful,.... The African dollar would have been backed by its own natural resources which would have made it the most wealthy continent on earth. This was revolution. .....This is why he had to go."

If the Jamahiriya is a democratic government of the People, why is Gaddafi considered a dictator?Gaddafi was not a dictator as he was not officially vested with the powers of a President, but he was regarded as an arbitrator for the People of the Jamahiriya, almost like a "People's Dictator".
The concept of Dictator is foreign to most ears living in a monopolist democracy, because the monopolists control the media to such a degree, the captive audience is not allowed to be educated about the racially-based economic dictatorship which governs them. The idea of a President being personally involved in the governing of the people is the idea of dictatorship, and this idea governs the USA, for example, where the President is the Monopolist’s Dictator for their regime and policies.
In a pluri-national jurisdiction, imposed on the People by the United Nations, minority and the majority nations must co-exist, and not lose control to devolve into tribal warfare. The idea of the Jamahiriya must be protected as the Will of all People, so an executive council of nations, presided over by a "People’s Dictator", is necessary to decree protection for all people, especially women and workers of races not of the majority race within the jurisdiction being governed. Whereas the mandate of democracy (Jamahiriya) is protected by the executive council of nations, it is the "People’s Dictator" who acts as an arbitrator for the nations, who acts only in the interest of the Jamahiriya (the people), and not any nation.

Socialism is the decree that the wealth is in the hands of the people, and not individual monopolists. Therefore, to prevent the creation of a deformed caste of bureaucrats with self-congratulatory salaries, socialism gives the Jamahiriya as many professions, programs, and pensions as possible, all giving the majority of the People a portion of the economic wealth, tax-free, so that all communities take part in enjoying the fruits of the Jamahiriya. Professions such as education, medical, civil construction are all mandated to have salaries that approach or exceed government bureaucrat, and ventures of energy production which reap profits fund educational facilities of a caliber to promote the professions of the People.

USA's Torture Regime [link]
In the USA, the critics of the Jamahiriya of Libya are mainly “conservatives” who support a “law and order” torture regime in the private and public prisons across the USA, targeting the New African and indigenous people, and other captive nations, especially the lumpen and lower-income workers.
The critics sole source of criticism that the Jamahiriya was a tyranny is based on stories of torture in prisons.
However, compare [] [] and domestic torture regimes in civilian prison within the USA to reports about torture chambers of old Libya.
Another example are the so-called “Black Prisons” of the USA’s security agencies, including the CIA and DIA, which are privately funded torture chambers, employed as mercenaries and operating in foreign jurisdictions. The worst stories about any torture regime in Libya before the fascist takeover, were of the “Black Prisons” of the CIA. []