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In January this year, a call for a massive people's conference on crimes against humanity was issued, in which the many known criminals among corporations, governments, news media, international organisations and other mafia, are listed and their crimes exposed.
Already these crimes against humanity, including the destruction of the oceans and sea life first by the Gulf of Mexico incident and then Fukushima, as well as the air in the northern hemisphere, are well known and the result of deliberate, wilful neglect.
The politicians and journalists who have aided and abetted the covering up of these crimes and so many others, including wars, and since then also the manifestly illegal and unjustified attack on Africa's most democratic, wealthy and strongest state, require a trial.
Before any trial can come about, people in their millions around the world, must become aware not just of one or several of these crimes and their impotence to do anything about it, but of the full gamut and also to be provided the tools to bring about real trials.
In the past, so-called conferences have been held, for a few days, in isolated places such as the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, where qualified legal experts have attended and witness testimony has been given, on limited issues, places and events.
Judgements are passed, nice statements formulated, the media including the local media in the very countries such conferences are held, again commit crimes by deliberately failing to cover this news, with the exception of Mathaba, and so all go home and nothing changes.
This is why a major rethink was needed and the way forward became obvious.
Within this site, you will receive the ideas, tools and the way forward. It is up to you, to embrace them.

"The Importance of Education"
Our world today is divided. This is the power that our slave masters hold over us. They have wanted to keep our history from us so that we would never be inspired to rise above that which they portray us as.
They dazzle our minds with movies and television, flood our newspapers, magazines and radio and with their lies and distortions of truth. We are bombarded day in and day out with mind altering subconscious programming which is denying us the ability to formulate our own perceptions and make our own decisions because the only people that we are talking with are watching and absorbing the very same information.
So while we think we are communicating and forming opinions, it is only from the information we receive through the prescribed superficial media channels that is given to us. We do not think for ourselves today, we are programmed to think this way. Make no mistake about it. These people have been playing us like pieces on a chess board for a very long time. They have almost perfected their plan of domination but for the truth and words of a very few special people who have awakened from the slumber and call to us today for action.
We must come together in this effort before our world is no longer ours to make a choice. Do what is right in your hearts for your families and friends. Let us make our own choices. It is not for any representative to tell us what they think is right for us. As we are born individual sovereign beings with a rightful place on this earth, so it is that we have a claim to benefit from its resources free of charge, no more and no less than what is rightfully ours to receive.
Unite against the tyrrany of our oppressors. They have reinvented the house slave to watch over the field slave so that they never have to be subjected to accusations and are free from becoming targets of political, financial or spiritual accusations. Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown or Green [http://greencharter.com/files/gb3.htm#EDUCATE] . It does not matter your colour race or creed but the tangible essence of self that makes you unique in this world and we are all in this together some worse off than others.
There is enough to go around for everyone. Enough food, clean water, clothing, minerals, wealth and currency, that there should not be one person on the planet that has to go without. It is the doing of the hoarders of wealth, the accumulators of provisions that has robbed this good earth and it's people of their rightful share.
Go now and educate, teach and spread the word that the time has come to take back our lands and our freedoms

"8 World People's Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity"
Unlike any Conference Before –A Worldwide EVENT!
Importance and timing is critical: this is of utmost importance and urgency!
Download overview [http://peoplesconference.org/Documents/8-WPC-CAH_Overview_1_1_1.pdf] (reproduced below)

1. Significance
This document introduces 8 major world events which are to take place throughout September so that once and for all the course of human history can be changed in favour of the peoples of the world by bringing to light the many gigantic crimes against humanity.
Whoever receives this document should therefore give it utmost attention and priority.

2. Critical Timing
This document explains the critical timing of these events and the reasons they should take place during September ahead of other likely events in October and November.
Whoever receives this document should therefore act upon it with the utmost urgency.

3. The Need
The world is crying out for truth and justice: the truth of crimes that are no longer concealed but evident or merely “hidden just beneath the surface.” That truth and justice is in respect of addressing historic, current, and ongoing Crimes Against Humanity.
Truth and justice not only need to be heard and done, but the conditions that have lead to all those crimes being committed, must be examined and addressed once and for all.
This includes past generations that were murdered, robbed or abused: the need for publicity and mass awareness of the well documented past Crimes Against Humanity and the need for reparations to be paid for those: including Africans, Australians, and other Original peoples the world over, who have had their land and lives of generations stolen.
The crimes against current generations that have been poisoned, deprived and cheated of their lives, freedom, wealth and health by unjust monopolies, deception, wars and actions, environmental neglect, the Gulf of Mexico poisoning of the world oceans, the Fukushima General Electric poisoning of land, air and sea, terrorism, abuses of power, and more.
In a unified manner as never seen before, with people the world over brought together in a major Event held in 8 locations around the world, (8-WPC-CAH) it will be made possible for a future World People's Court to bring justice to those who are now above the law.
Working solutions for peace and many of the problems facing human kind must be found. Otherwise future generations will not be born with any health or chance of survival due to a radioactive atmosphere and water, poisoned by wars and greed: avoidable disasters that are the results of crimes of capitalism: corporate greed, unaccountability and corruption.

4. The Method
By convening 8 major events that run in parallel in all corners of the world and which each would embrace over 100,000 participants, with a total of over 1 million world wide;
These 8 Events to take place for the duration of the entire month of September in Northern America, S. America, Europe, N. Africa, S. Africa, W. Asia, E. Asia, and Oceania;
Events which will break wide open the awareness of all participants, of the full magnitude and extent of the Crimes Against Humanity that have been and are being perpetrated;
Bringing to light the names of those who have, and are, committing or enabling these many crimes among media, authorities, corporations, organisations, individuals, groups;

5. Immediate Result
The first and immediate result for the participants and visitors to any of these eight simultaneous Events will be a massive awakening: an expanded knowledge of the full extent of the problem and the ability to work together on finding the appropriate solutions.
presentations including films, exhibitions and factual displays; coverage of issues ranging from the sheer size of historic African slavery by the Europeans, of lost civilisations, to historic massacres, 9/11 conspiracy, War on Libya, Bp, Fukushima, will all be covered.
A deep feeling of anger at the perpetrators and a sense of great urgency will permeate, as well as feelings of the importance of being a participant in such an historic world-wide event, will all lead to a sense of urgency and power to act collectively among participants.
Secondly, there will not be a sense of frustration at not being able to do anything, but a realisation that because there are many others pariticpating in these major Events held in parallel in 8 locations around the world, and because of the many attached Workshops to the Conferences that will result in collective solutions, that trulysomething can be done.

6. Empowerment
Attending an event that has all ages and backgrounds of people present, and which not only shocks us all with the magnitude of the crimes and the urgency and imperative need to do something about it, but also examines the actual historic and ongoing causes of these crimes and via a series of workshops the actual solutions, will empower us all.
Various workshops will explore the many areas of Crimes Against Humanity, and offer solutions including Energy (fossil fuels and alternatives), Health (pharmaceutical, medical and alternatives), Environment, False Flag Terrorism, Corruption and Transparency, News Media (ownership, objectives, alternatives), Economy (banking and alternatives), Gate-Keepers, Reparations (calculation, requirement, benefits), and any others as required.
By way of example: in the workshops on Accountability and Transparency, Democracy and Corruption – not only may the causes be identified (monopoly of authority and information) but also the possible solutions examined: from one party to multi party, dictatorship, royal, referenda, indirect democracy, and direct participatory democracy. The outcome would be chosen by those workshops that will examine the options and pass a recommendation.
The same will occur for other workshops: the results may show conclusively that most Crimes Against Humanity occurred due to a lack of transparency and the small numbers of people involved in each conspiracy who were able to commit crimes due to their monopoly of power and information and the lack of the oversight and participation of the masses.
A sense of great empowerment will be felt by all participants: in the main hall 8 screens will be visible showing via live video the main halls of the other locations around the world, mainly in order to show that they are all part of something world-wide and life-changing. The participants will also likely be coming aware of the massive deception of Television monopoly media, and of the massive crimes that have been “hidden in full view.”
Once those rose-coloured glasses drop off and the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting those glasses back on nor putting the cat back into the bag.
All will demand an ongoing follow up and implementation of their collective resolutions, which at the end of the 8 World Conferences would surely result in a powerful World People's Declaration, 2011.
Mechanisms will be in place to facilitate all those who wish to follow up, propagate, strengthen, endorse, build upon, embrace, network and put into action; implementation would likely be by People's Committees called into being and empowered by the thousands of People's Conferences which will directly supervise and hold them to account.

7. Grand Finale
At the end of September, after these one month long events, participants and others who followed the events will be have a powerful WPD-2011 in their hands, which gives them a clear direction based oncollective expertise and the authority to act.
It is already known that some of the largest demonstrations ever will take place in capitalist countries in Europe and America, during October. Many millions will be marching in the streets, essentially due to the collapse of capitalism, protesting against wars and bankers.
This is another reason why the timing of the 8-WPC-CAH to launch on the eve of September 1st and to last for the entire month of September, is so important:
If an awareness of the way forward is not chartered in an organized and peaceful manner, the mass demonstrations will either destroy without constructing anything in their place, or, they will simply repeat history by allowing rules and monopolies to once again come to power, in their name. By way of example, slogans at mass demonstrations are typically:
“What do we want? Democracy/Freedom. When do we want it? Now!!!” “What do we want? Education/Money/Whatever. When do we want it? Now!!!” “What do we want? Hospitals/Schools/pay Rises. When do we want them? Now!!!”
These slogans surrender the protesters power to others (the government or those who are depriving them of these things) by demanding that those same others give them these things, without any way to enforce it, as they have no idea how to exercise their power.
This gives opportunity for the best deceivers to come out to address the crowds, imagine how any government or other gate-keeper leader may seize the opportunity and say:
“Oh my great people, all along I have been waiting for you to come out in your millions. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! You have set me free to be with my natural constituency, I can now finally fire those around me who kept my hands tied, now I have your mandate!!!”
A small minority will realise the trick but be unable to do anything, the majority go home.
Throughout the past hundred years or more, we have seen this time and again around the world: dictators and elites have been brought to power on the back of mass uprisings.
The secret lies in understanding how the various monopolies of power, wealth and arms come about, and the monopolies of information and media, which is the greatest power.
If this is achieved, then the problem of history repeating itself with ever greater crimes being committed against humanity, can be put to rest once and for all.
8 WPC-CAH Events held through the entire month of September with at least 1 million participants, will bring about a collective understanding of the solutions to many problems as well as the ways to bring to justice those that are currently out of reach, and agreed outcomes and methods for exercising power via direct participatory democracy as a solution to the monopolies of various forms of power. A substantial part of the crowd may be networking and sharing slogans that will show other demonstrators the way forward:
“What have we taken? power! How did we get it? People's Conferences!” “What have we taken? Wealth! How did we get it? People's Committees!” “Boycott Big pharma”, “use Alternative Media”, “Direct Democracy Now!”

8. Practical and Resounding Victory
By November, if the above schedules are adhered to, a powerful resounding victory can also be achieved by the solidarity of millions of good and caring people around the world:
A major war by the world's strongest military will have been defeated without any WMD!
Imagine numerous International peoples Committees (IPC) that go to Libya to put an end to the NATO aggression there, thus giving a practical example of true people's power to defeat the evils of war, without firing a single shot.
Thousands of Philippine nurses, in the Philippine's People's Committee for Nursing, may join the philippine People's Committee for Solidarity and peace, and join the International People's Committee for Solidarity With Libya and arrive in Libya to provide free services.
Hungarian dentists from the Hungarian People's Committee for Health, may arrive in Libya under the coordination of the IPC for Solidarity, providing free dental treatments to all.
Thousands of Australian citizens, in the Australian People's Conferences, may arrive in Libya for dental treatment unavailable in Australia, the place where NATO weapons are dreamt up and designed by the NATO defence industry, and under those bombs falling on their heads, will be provided free dental treatment by the Hungarian and other dentists.
Visualise this powerful message from the people of the world toward the war mongers.
Hundreds of Europeans will say “not in my name”, and arrive in Libya with the German People's Committee for Engineering to help re-build Libya even better than before, and free of charge, all destroyed infrastructure, while all can use the portable environmentally friendly dry toilets contributed by the French People's Committee for Sanitation.
Thousands of cooks from the International People's Committee for Cooking, including the recipes of a massive couldron as shown by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, will conduct mass cooking of the world's best food and beverages, for all the committees (brigades) from around the world, and each evening after a hard day's work all will sit on mats, relaxing, performing live entertainment, sharing stories, black, white, brown, yellow and red, young and old, of all backgrounds, equal above the earth and under the stars.
NATO will not fail to see that they cannot continue to bomb those who have families in every corner of the world, the best of humanity, who are all freely mingling in peace, building a universal Civil Society and future seat of a united World People's Congress. This victory in itself, will show that a better world is possible via people's power and can bring about about a lasting world peace, with no more need for war, greed, aggression.
The exposure, trial and bringing to justice of those who committed crimes against humanity, will send a clear signal to future generations that no one is above the law.


Sponsorship and financing
Events of this size, and with such urgency, will no doubt incur costs and require a significant budget. IPCO does not wish to handle any cent, nor estimate any costs. It is up to others to do this (sponsors or accountants, etc).
We have never had, nor have, nor will have, any financial motivations, or desire any praise or credit, for facilitating this idea. It is purely motivated by an imperative need to save the world not only for us but for our future generations.
It has to happen, no matter the sacrifice. Whoever sacrifices will no doubt be rewarded by the results of the outcome, which will be far beyond anything money could ever buy.
Practical Actions
It is now essential to get this moving quickly with a non-stop effort by capable organisers: a presentable public draft of this document including any missing information such as how to proceed is required. Teams working in parallel to secure possible venues, but keeping the decided venues as late as possible, to prevent any sabotage and being mindful of security.
As many potential stake-holders as possible should be involved, and get the publicity rolling. Sign-ups, means of coordination, ideas and practical suggestions, bookings and programs should be attended to. publicity must snowball as soon as these practical issues and arrangements are made. A secure mass-mailing server with combined and secure email lists – as well as press releases, to alternative and independent media; boycotting other media, are to be issued.
The email for public response and communications is info@peoplesconference.org and should be handled by secretaries forwarding to any coordinators and facilitators, covering all times zones with immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The web site which should be updated as required, iswww.peoplesconference.org/cah although it would be good to have a special web site for the event.
Telephone numbers in England, France, uSA, Australia, China and elsewhere should be set to auto-forward to the secretaries in each of the three times zones covering three shifts of 8 hours each, to respond to all calls and issues.
See further attached documents on planning Committee and Events Committees


In order to attract community participation and draw families to the event, the following consideration and guidelines may be followed. Although each participating culture would have its unique features, some of the attractions would be as follows:

This will include recreational activities for young children which could include petting animals, pony rides, games and sport.
Indoor activities could include amongst others, storytelling, entertainment, picture colouring, face-painting and many such novel ideas.

Open forum discussions and any subject and topical issues. The idea here is to get a feedback on how the youth think and their frustrations about issues of their role in society. Issues relating to drugs and their abuse, the education system, careers and future, access to education, amongst others.

Exhibitions on new technology, Art Exhibitions, Foods and cookery, Stage events

Themes around various cultures around the world allocated for each day. Culture exhibitions, Traditions and cuisines.
Approaching the various Embassies for their participation of the Theme Evenings.

In order to cater for the visitors that may spend time at the event, suitable food courts are set up for catering purposes. These are hired out to prospective bidders.

private consumer friendly companies have an opportunity of hiring stands for their produce and can sell directly to visitors. These stands are professionally erected and blend in with the ambiance of the event.
The above features are to attract families and create an atmosphere of participation, so that it does not become too academic or exclusive.

"Structures and Assembly" [http://peoplesconference.org/str/]:
The IPCO coordinates, advocates and provides information and guidance, relative to national people's conferences (congresses).
There is no financial requirement at all to join People's Conferences. One central place to do so, and thus facilitate (eventually) being put in touch with a more local congress, or at first at least a world level conference, is to register free of charge at [https://peoplesconference.org/reg].
It is proposed that a paid individual membership (1, 2, 5... years) be allowed with a price that covers the printing and sending of a membership card with photograph, that can be used to show membership of the IPCO which may be useful when attending international conferences, as well as contains the [www.peoplesconference.org] web address and may also serve to double as membership of the World People's Conference.
The following structures and terminologies are hereby proposed with two phases in any geographical area: the "joining" phase and the "convening" phase.

* The "joining" phase comes first, as it is not possible to convene conferences that will be able to enact popular legislation (policy upon consensus decision-making) if there are insufficient numbers. I.E. it is obvious, that 10 people cannot convene an Australian People's Congress, nor even an Alice Springs People's Conference and pass recommendations or resolutions that would have any binding authority, when even the number of political party members of parliamentary dictatorship are higher.
* The "joining" phase can be considered sufficient to pass to the "convening" phase when the number of members and indeed participants are higher than the "representatives" of traditional (dictatorial) political power in that area, or when the members of the conferences themselves consider their numbers sufficient to lay claim to being the legitimate organs of people's power (Jamahiriya) government.
* During the "joining" phase, all legislative organs (conferences) are called CONFERENCES but when achieving the "convening" phase are re-branded as CONGRESSES. However, the convention of Basic People's Conferences will remain named as Basic (Local) People's Conferences, the secretariats of which make up the Municipal (Area) People's Congresses to which the various decisions of BPCs are brought.
* At first, people join from the nearest level to them, which for most will be the World People's Conference. When there are sufficient members in a particular nation to warrant the forming of a National People's Conference, and a willing interim general secretariat is in place, then those members are contacted and urged to contact their National People's Conference secretariat to join their NPC.
* Again, when sufficient numbers within a given federal state or city or local region have joined, the State/Municipal People's Conference can be declared, and the same down to the Basic (Local) People's Conference.
* Then, when there is sufficient members of the BPCs in an area, that area will now have a State/Municipal People's Congress, and so on.

Thus the following structure of peoples power (Jamahiriya) self-governing masses societies around the world, takes shape, showing both the joining phase and the subsequent convening phase:
[Diagrams not included in this archive]

As can be seen below, when the "convening" phase takes place, congresses will also nominate executive people's committees, these then carry out day to day executive action in line with legislation (policy) of the people's congresses, thus replacing traditional "councils", "committees", "government departments" and "ministries".
[Diagrams not included in this archive]

The People's Committees have two directional arrows from one level to the next, because whilst all legislation is from the Congresses and from the grass roots on to the national level, the nomination for members of people's committees takes place at local levels and the execution takes place from national levels for those national policies which are uniform across the state or nation.
* Represents joining (nomination/(s)election) [Diagrams not included in this archive]
* Represents implementation (policies as decided by the conferences/congresses). [Diagrams not included in this archive]

500 Australians have registered with the IPCO and there is a willing secretary and assistant secretary ready to form and facilitate the Australian People's Conference. These two contact the IPCO and suggest their credentials for forming the APC, IPCO is satisfied of the genuine credentials and background of these persons and that they have truly the wish to see people's power in Australia and act as interim Secretaries of the APC, and thus records their contact details at the IPCO web site peoplesconference.org -- new registrants can thus see and contact the APC, and existing registrants from Australia would be contacted by IPCO and urged to make contact with the APC and to join it.
When the APC has perhaps 1,000 members, it could already consider itself more legitimate than the traditional parliamentary dictatorship regimes in Australia, and obtain significant publicity, declaring itself the true Transitional Government, which holds power by way of its members holding a national Australian People's Conference and deciding upon policy. That policy may include the demand that foreign states cease to recognize the Canberra regime, cease to recognize Australian "Embassies", and that Australians abroad form Australian People's Bureau. It may also demand that visitors to Australia do not obtain (or not only obtain) a "visa" from the un-Australian Canberra regime (which belongs to foreign corporations) and instead apply to the Original Australian People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation. Such publicity (even if boycotted by the money slave media and spread by viral means) will result in large numbers of Australian masses joining the APC, and then sufficient numbers being in various districts of Australia to warrant the formation of state, municipal and local basic conferences.
Australia currently has the following states, and some overseas territories (such as Christmas Island, Antarctica): Western Australia, Northern Territory (administered directly from Canberra, thus having no state legislature), South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory.
When the Australian People hold the reigns of power, they may decide to reform or revise these boundaries, but the following could exist in the Australian Jamahiriya:
2,200 Basic People's Conferences in Sydney e.g. Epping People's Conference, etc, 1,990 BPC's in Melbourne, etc... a total of perhaps 22,000 Basic People's Conferences around the entire island of Australia.
There may exist 500 Municipal People's Congresses e.g. Wagga Wagga People's Congress, Port Pirie People's Congress, Oodnadatta People's Congress, etc, and 7 State People's Congresses, e.g. South Australian People's Congress, New South Wales People's Congress, etc.
There will then exist one national people's congress, the Australian People's Congress.
The APC, along with the African People's Congress, Venezuelan People's Congress, Russian People's Congress, National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, and all the other nations, to settle international issues such as internet, communications, security, environment, poverty eradication, drug and human trafficking, etc, all together form the World People's Congress, which effectively replaces the current government-dictatorships United Nations General Assembly.
The Universal People's Committee, which may comprise the UPC for Refugees, the UPC for Peace and Security, the UPC for Science and Educational Cooperation, etc, will replace the so-called United Nations Organization. The UPC for Peace and Security would replace the dictatorial so-called United Nations Security Council.
All the People's Committees for Education in Australia in the above example, would put forward their secretaries for selection among themselves to the national Australian People's Committee for Education, which would implement the policy decided nationally and be overseen by the Australian People's Congress Secretariat which job it is to monitor implementation. The state level People's Committees for Education such as the North Australian People's Committee for Education (in the former "Northern Territory) will implement state educational policies as determined by the North Australian People's Congress after all the Basic People's Conference in North Australia had convened and reached consensus on the issue of educational policies.
All the national people's committees for environment, will also be informed of and tasked with implementation of any directives of the UPC for Environment on for example, the reduction targets of pollution, and turning now-empty sky-scrapers in Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, and other major cities, which formerly housed banks, capitalist corporations, secret societies and intelligence agencies, into vertical farms, replacing walls with glass, and growing food crops, without genetic modification, if so determined by the world masses as per all the deliberations of millions of people's conferences taking their final shape on the world environmental issue, in the World People's Congress.
For those who are unfamiliar with direct participatory democracy and the forming of consensus at the grass roots level, and for all those wishing to facilitate people's conferences here you will find some information at Green Charter Wiki [http://wiki.greencharter.com/index.php?title=Direct_democracy].

International Peoples Conference Organization is a facilitation for people's conferences [http://peoplesconference.org/pc/].
ALL people even the {re}actionaries may belong to PC's. Thus the IPCO is NOT a revolutionary organization at all. Nor are people's conferences necessarily revolutionary, but they hold the power. It is the (r)evolutionaries (often in the IGCM) who take upon themselves to try to educate the masses and direct the people's conferences toward advanced (r)evolutionary positions, but, the majority in congress of course rules.

International Green Charter Movement is (r)evolution [http://greencharter.com/files/gcm.htm].
It is the (r)evolutionary committees movement. One of its prime tasks, is to advocate for the human rights and freedoms of the International Green Charter [http://greencharter.com/files/igc.htm]. The Green Charter carries a moral and legal weight like no other human rights document, due to the fact a million people participated in its drafting! Thus, (r)evolutionaries, who are encouraged to study The Green Book [http://greencharter.com/files/gb.htm] to get to know some ideas and proposals on solving the problems of power, wealth, arms, education and other social issues, form themselves into Green Charter Committees if they agree with the IGC and wish to work for achieving it, or (R)Evolutionary Committees if they are convinced of The Green Book ideas as the best way to create a people's self-governing society (Jamahiriya) [http://wiki.greencharter.com/index.php?title=Jamahiriya]. Thus, the IGCM is a collection of Green Charter (R)Evolutionary Committees, by whatever name.

"People's Conferences"
[http://peoplesconference.org/pc/], [http://peoplesconference.org/peoplesconferences.htm]:
Political decisions in which one candidate is granted victory, simply because they obtained the highest percentage of the vote by the electorate effectively establishes a dictatorship in the seat of power garbed in the guise of democracy. Especially when three or four losing candidates, whose votes combined would equal a higher total than the perceived winning candidate, split the vote.
The mere existence of such structures, undermines the representation of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people, and not in the presence of representatives of the people. Parliaments have become a legal barrier between people and their right to exercise authority. They exclude the masses in order to prevent them from practicing politics, and monopolize the control of politics in their name.
Proportional representation by political parties and coalitions, such as what exists in the world today, is false representation and only delivers power to the elites of society, not the masses.
Under such systems, the people are prey fought over by the predators. Instruments of government compete in their power struggle for the votes of the people they in turn neglect and exploit.
In order to rule, the opposition party must defeat the existing instrument of government. To do so, the opposition must undermine the government's achievements and cast doubt on its plans, even if these plans were beneficial to society, to prove the incompetence of the current governing instrument. Consequently, the interests and programs of society become victims of the power struggle raging among the political parties.
The solution is direct democracy through the establishment of “People's Conferences” in which all society members participate in shaping policy. The masses select their administrative leaders who then represent the direct will of the people and are answerable directly to the people.

We need your help, get involved. Do it now.
Sign up to the 'Greatest Movement in Modern History'. Simply register yourself here [https://peoplesconference.org/reg] and if you like register your 'Peoples Conference' with a Facebook Page or by any other means and then let us know by activating the "like" link on our main "People's Conference" Facebook Page [https://www.facebook.com/ipco.org]. Then send us an email [https://peoplesconference.org/contact/] or add your 'online profile' along with your registration so we can include you in this monumental movement.
Next, network with your friends, loved ones, people who are not satisfied with the way things are and provide them with a practical approach to direct democracy. The problem of democracy in the world will finally be solved. All that is left before the masses now is the struggle to eliminate all prevailing forms of dictatorial governments.
This next few years will be mankinds finest hour or its greatest defeat!
Please choose your region to find a local conference.
If an organ that you know of is not listed, please contact us to let us know [https://peoplesconference.org/contact/].
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"International People's Conference Organization Registration Form"
We encourage all those who wish to participate in this evolutionary movement towards full and direct democracy of the people for the people and by the people, to fill out as much of this form as possible.
Please feel free to fill out as much as you are comfortable with and rest assured that your information will be completely private and in safe hands.
We will never disclose your information to any third party without your direct authorization and consent. Data is transferred via Encrypted SSL and not forwarded by Email, and is downloaded and backed up on secure encrypted systems.
We may send out from time to time notices that are applicable to the International People's Conference Organisation with careful attention to volume and frequency of delivery.

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"Human Rights for the Third Millenium"
Inspired by the Proclamation of the Great Green Charter for Human Rights on 12th June, 1988, the first Human Rights Charter to be issued by the people gathered in popular congresses, signaling the end of the era of the republics and the dawn of the era of the masses, as well as a new advancement in the definition of human rights.
Led by the Green Book, guide of humanity for the total deliverance from the power of individuals, classes, clans, tribes or parties, and the path towards the establishment of a society for all where all human beings are free and equal in the exercise of power and in the possession of wealth and arms.
Convinced that the rights of Man, cannot be the gift of a person nor exist in societies where exploitation and tyranny are practised, and can only be achieved by the victory of the popular masses over their oppressors and the disappearance of regimes which annihilate freedom, that the establishment of the power of the popular masses will consolidate their existence on earth, when the sovereignty of the people will be exercised directly through legislative popular congresses and executive people's committees that human rights cannot be guaranteed in a world where there exist governors and governed, masters and slaves, rich and poor
Aware that human misery cannot disappear, nor human rights be affirmed, except by building a world where the people hold the power, the wealth and the arms; a world where governments and armies will disappear, and where communities, peoples and nations will be rid of all danger of war, a world of peace, respect, agreement and co-operation
On the basis of the above, the Green Charter International was formed to link men and women around the world who wish to achieve, promote and defend the true Human Rights and freedoms of this new age, the era of the masses, which were proclaimed by the free people, gathered in popular congresses in the Great Green Charter of Human Rights as the following:

1. Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular congresses and the people's committees.

2. We consider the life of the individual sacred and protect it. We forbid its alienation. Imprisonment can only be exercised against those for whom liberty constitutes a danger or a contamination of others. The aim of punishment is to renew society, to protect its human values and its interests. We proscribe punishments which attack the dignity and the integrity of the human being, such as forced labour or long-term imprisonment. We proscribe all attacks, physical or mental, on the person of the prisoner. We condemn all speculations and experiments of any kind upon prisoners. Punishment is personal and suffered by the individual following a criminal act on which it is necessarily contingent. The punishment and its consequences cannot extend to the family nor the persons close to the criminal. "One only commits evil to one's own detriment and nobody will assume what he has not committed".

3. We are, in times of peace, free inall our movements and in the choice of our residence.

4. Citizenship is a sacred right. Nobody can be deprived of it or have it removed.

5. We forbid clandestine action and recourse to force in all its forms, violence, terrorism and sabotage. These acts constitute a betrayal of the values and principles of the Jamahiriya, which affirms the sovereignty of the individual in the popular congresses, guaranteeing the right to express opinions publicly. We reject and condemn violence as a means of imposing ideas and opinions. We adopt democratic dialogue as the only method of debate and consider any hostile relation towards the Jamahiriya linked to a foreign instance, whatever its form, as high treason against it.

6. We are free to form unions, trade unions and leagues to defend our professional interests.

7. We are free in our private acts and our personal relations. Nobody can involve themselves therein, except at a complaint from one of the partners concerned or if the act and the relation attack or are prejudicial to society, or if they are contrary to its values.

8. We consider the life of the human being to be sacred and protect it. Our objective is to abolish capital punishment. To this end, the death penalty can only be exercised against an individual whose existence constitutes a danger or is deleterious to society. The person condemned to death may request that his sentence be lightened or, instead of his life, offer a personal tribute. The court may commute the penalty if this decision is not prejudicial to society or if it is not contrary to human values. We condemn the application of the execution of capital punishment by repugnant methods, such as the electric chair, the use of toxic gas or injections.

9. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to plead and the independence of the judicial system. Each of its members is entitled to a fair and complete trial.

10. Our judgments are based on sacred law, religion or custom, the terms of which are stable, unchangeable and for which there can be no substitute. We declare that religion is an absolute belief in the divinity and a sacred spiritual value. It is personal to each person and common to everyone. It is a direct relationship with the Creator, without intermediary. We proscribe its monopoly and its exploitation for purposes of subversion, fanaticism, sectarianism, partisan spirit and fratricidal war.

11. The Jamahiriya guarantees the right to work. It is a right and a duty for everyone, in the limits of one's personal effort or in association with others. Everybody has the right to exercise the work of their choice. The Jamahiriya is one of partners and not one of paid employees. Ownership, the fruit of labour, is sacred and protected, it can only be attacked in the public interest and with fair compensation. The Jamahiriya is free from the slavery of salaries, stating the right of everybody over their labour and production. Only those who produce consume.

12. We are liberated from any feudalism. The land is nobody's property. Each person has the right to exploit it and to benefit from it by labour, agriculture or animal-keeping, throughout one's life, that of one's heirs, and within the limits of personal effort and the satisfaction of needs.

13. We are free from any rent. A house belongs to the person who lives in it. It enjoys a sacred immunity in respect of rights of neighbourhood: "your close neighbours or distant neighbours". The residence cannot be used to harm society.

14. The Jamahiriya is united. It guarantees everyone a worthy and prosperous life and a developed state of health, so as to achieve a society of healthy people. It guarantees protection of childhood, motherhood, old age and of invalids. The Jamahiriya is the guardian of all those who do not have a guardian.

15. Education and knowledge are natural rights for everyone. Any individual has the right to choose the education and the knowledge which suits them, without imposed constraint or orientation.

16. The Jamahiriya is the society of goodness and of noble values. It considers ideals and human principles sacred. Its aim is a humanitarian society where aggression, war, exploitation and terrorism will be banished and where there will be no difference between great and small. All nations, all peoples, and all national communities have the right to live free, according to their options and the principles of self-determination. They have the right to establish their national entity. Minorities have the right to safeguard their entity and their heritage. The legitimate aspirations of the latter cannot be repressed. Neither can they be assimilated by force into one or several different nations or national communities.

17. We affirm the right of each person to profit from the benefits, the advantages, the values and the principles which are obtained by the harmony, cohesion, union, affinity and the affection of the family, the tribe, the nation and humanity. To this end, we work to establish the natural national entity of our nation and support all those who fight to achieve this aim. We reject any segregation between men due to their colour, their race, their religion or their culture.

18. We protect liberty. We defend it everywhere in the world. We support the oppressed, and encourage all peoples to confront injustice, oppression, exploitation and colonialism. We encourage them to combat imperialism, racism and fascism, in accordance with the principle of the collective struggle of peoples against the enemies of liberty.

19. The Jamahiriya is a society of splendour and fulfilment. It guarantees each person the right of thought, creation and innovation. The Jamahiriya works for the development of the sciences, the arts and literature. It guarantees they will be disseminated among the popular masses so as to prohibit any monopoly on them.

20. We affirm the sacred right to be born into a coherent family, where motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood prevail. Fulfilment of the human being is only in compliance with his nature if it is assured by natural motherhood and feeding. The child must be brought up by its mother.

21. We are, men or women, equal in everything which is human. The distinction of rights between men and women is a flagrant injustice which nothing justifies. We proclaim that marriage is a fair association between two equal partners. Nobody can conclude a marriage contract by constraint, nor divorce in any other way than by mutual consent or by a fair judgement. It is unfair to dispossess the children of their mother, and the mother of her home.

22. We consider servants as the slaves of modern times, enslaved by their masters. No law governs their situation, and they have no guarantee nor protection. They live under the arbitrary nature of their masters, and are victims of tyranny. They are forced, by necessity and in order to survive, to carry out work which ridicules their dignity and human feelings. For this reason, we proscribe recourse to servants in the home. The house must be maintained by its owners.

23. We are convinced that peace between nations can guarantee them prosperity, abundance and harmony. We call for an end to the trade of arms and their manufacture for purposes of exploitation. The arms industry constitutes a waste of wealth of societies, a burden on individual taxpayers, causing the spread of destruction and annihilation in the world.

24. We call for the suppression of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons and any other means of massive extermination and destruction. We call for elimination of all the existing stocks, for the preservation of humanity from the dangers represented by the waste from nuclear power stations.

25. We undertake to protect our society and political system based on popular power. We also undertake to safeguard its values, principles and interests. We regard collective defence as the only means to preserve them. We think that the defence of the Jamahiriya is the responsibility of every citizen, man or woman. Nobody can have a substitute when confronted with death.

26. We commit ourselves to the bases of this charter. We do not allow them to be infringed and forbid ourselves any act contrary to the principles and rights that it guarantees. Each person has the right to plead under the law for the purpose of reparation of any attacks on the rights and liberties that it announces.

27.We offer the world The Green Book [http://www.greencharter.com/files/gb.htm] the guide and path of emancipation for the acquisition of liberty. We announce to the popular masses the advent of a new age, when corrupt regimes will be abolished and from which any trace of tyranny and exploitation will be removed.

[http://peoplesconference.org/sup/] [http://www.peoplesconference.org/support.htm]:
There are many things you can do of your own accord that will give you the confidence to begin. Once you gain some traction and invest a bit of your time you will find that your initiative will kick in and your movement will take on a life of it's own.
1. Read and digest the Green Charter for Human Rights.
2. Read and Digest the Green Book - Remember that this is a guide only. You and your communities will brainstorm the actual policies that are specific to your needs. Every conference will begin with one distinctive policy " No democracy without people's conferences."
3. Form your group collective and establish a networking portal (facebook is a good start mathaba is better and private! see communications [http://peoplesconference.org/com/]) then link back to us.
4. Establish a Secretariat with an Interim Secretary and Assistant Secretary. One to chair the meetings and one to record minutes of the meetings (These must be neutral!)
5. Raise or accept topics for deliberation put forward by members. The idea here is to formulate an agenda for discussion at conference by consensus rated in order of priority (eg. show of hands)
6. Conference! Meet, Discuss, mediate, compromise, educate, allow time for introducing new information on hot topics, attempt to reach consensus resolutions on each agenda item, with each member having equal time to speak. Agenda items that affect members of other conferences are passed as recommendation, and forwarded to other affected Conferences until they too have discussed, and become resolution on the majority of Conferences.
7. Resolutions are passed and entered into record for implementation by executive People's Committees. Further information on the democratic process based on the experiences of other People's Conferences around the world, will be made available in the Structures and Assembly section of this web site.

It is important to realise that once the dismantling of government strutures (the likes of which we have today) takes place, these very conferences will be the new absolute instrument of governance, for the people and by the people.
We will not be left floundering as the institutionalized [Govts] would expect because the participants of these conferences are the very same people who have been working within the system itself. By sharing their wealth of knowledge in our communities, it not only strengthens our resolve but puts the foundation of society back at the helm where it should have been placed long ago.
People love to talk about what is important to them. Encourage these people to conference, it's about them after all. The stigma of "going to a meeting" is made redundant.
We now have the tools at our disposal to network, conference, forum and chat just about any time of the day and any day of the week by embracing technology. These tools are helpful to the conference mechanism. Online tools may complement and assist Conference. This is the way we can have everyone on the planet involved on every single issue there is. We can adopt one another's policies, share our experiences and help each other to resolve difficulties.
For those of us who would like to meet face to face, the facilities are clear. We will utilize homes, public halls, public institutions, everything that belongs to the people is therefore used by the people.

[http://peoplesconference.org/com/] [http://www.peoplesconference.org/communications.htm]:
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Founded in 1999, MATHABA became the first stateless news organization in history. See what readers have to say about the service. Mathaba means a meeting place, platform, sanctuary.

The Mission -
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MATHABA broadcasts news and information that serves the public interest while also having over 50 different news categories, news feeds and distribution across multiple platforms for almost any type of news and information. We allow readers to view our news in the flavour of their choice on the platform of their choice!

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MATHABA will empower people working for a peaceful, healthy, prosperous world through the power of information. MATHABA aims to expand into an influential, international web platform providing news, publicity and social media tools to people who care worldwide.

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It is our goal to offer readers a better understanding of public issues and aid positive development. Our shared principles are summarized in this flash-media video.
We endorse real human rights and freedoms to which all are entitled and we provide a voice for all those working to achieve those rights and freedoms.

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"A United States of Africa will alter the balance of power globally"
Globalists Fear United Africa.
Unity is something the Globalists fear and loathe. They are well aware that a united Africa would completely alter the balance of power globally. The well-documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all resources and raw materials to the Western nations for just one week, the United States and Europe would grind to a halt. They are that dependent on Africa, and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent.
The leader of the Nation of Islam in the US, Minister Louis Farrakhan, pointed out many years ago at a conference in Libya, “Europe and the US cannot go forward into the new century without unfettered access to the vast natural resources of Africa.” He added: “Qadhafi is one who stands in their way.”
If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions, thereby ensuring it is always in a position of weakness. African unity and true independence is something capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism must oppose with all its might in order to survive.
So who's fighting this war then..? A rag-tag bunch of armed, al-Qaeda affiliated tribesmen, corrupt ex-government officials and a few monarchists, being referred to as a ‘pro-democracy movement’ by British State TV (BBC) and other mainstream media outlets, are now being openly armed and trained by the French, British and American governments.
What is the support inside Libya for the anti-government "rebels"?
The answer is less than 2% of the entire Libyan population. One might have expected that the Western and Arab worlds would have offered Qadhafi and the Libyan armed forces assistance to deal with this al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) inspired insurgency. But no. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, instead, France, Britain and the US, the "F.UK.US.Alliance" led by the clown Sarkozy, in what can only be described as a war mongering frenzy, launched an all out attack on Muammar Qadhafi, his family, and the Libyan people.
In a recent interview with the Italian newspaper, 'Il Sole 24 Ore', LIFG commander, Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi, now one of the leaders of this uprising, admitted that “jihadists who fought in Iraq against the US are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Qadhafi.”
In point of fact, Libya was the first country to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. The Libyan authorities have for years tried to warn the world about the very serious threat posed by these Islamist deviants.
One who ought to know... Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qadhafi "one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters", and insisted the eventual collapse of the apartheid system owed much to Qadhafi and Libyan support. Mandela said that, “in the darkest moments of our struggle, when our backs were to the wall, Muammar Qadhafi stood with us.”

An African Icon -
On September 1st, 1969, the 27 year old Qadhafi, an army captain, carried out a bloodless coup overthrowing the corrupt monarchy of King Idris Senussi, who had ruled Libya for 18 years. Qadhafi established what he called the Libyan Jamahiriya or the State of the Masses.
Not long after the revolution Qadhafi earned the wrath of the imperialists by closing the British Naval Base at Tobruk and the American Wheelus Air Base on the outskirts of Tripoli. He nationalised key sections of Libya’s vast oil resources and used his influence within OPEC to negotiate fairer prices for oil producing countries. Qadhafi used the oil revenue to benefit the Libyan people, building schools, universities, hospitals and much needed infrastructure.
During the reign of King Idris, fewer than one in five Libyans was literate and there was virtually no access to education for the majority of people. Today, Libya boasts a quality education system, free right up to university level, and the literacy rate is 83 per cent, the highest in North Africa and the Arab world. In addition, Libya has one of the finest health care systems in the ‘Third World’. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, free of charge. If a Libyan needs surgery that is unavailable in Libya, funding is provided for the surgery to be carried out overseas.
Recognising that water, not oil, would be the most scarce resource of the future, Qadhafi initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, which took years to complete. Referred to as the 8th world wonder, this river pumps millions of cubic metres of water daily from the heart of the Sahara desert to the coast where the land is suitable for agriculture. Any Libyan who wanted to become a farmer was and still is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, livestock and seed.
Under the revolutionary leadership of Muammar Qadhafi, Libya has now attained the highest standard of living in Africa. Rated on the UN’s Human Development Index ahead of Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.
When African nations called, Qadhafi answered. He is passionate about the plight of Africans and Africa and longs to see the liberation of the continent and its people. He called on the African Union to give representation to Africans in the Diaspora – the US, Europe, the Caribbean and South America, and acknowledge the need to deal with the conditions of poverty, underdevelopment and marginalisation that continues to confront these communities.
“From now on, by the will of God, I will assign teams to search, investigate and liaise with the Africans in Europe and to check their situations… this is my duty and role towards the sons of Africa; I am a soldier for Africa. I am here for you and I work for you; therefore, I will not leave you and I will follow up on your conditions.”
Answering Qadhafi's call, Libya deposited $32 billion into a $42 billion fund for the creation of a
* National African Central Bank (HQ to be in Nigeria)
* African Monetary Fund (HQ to be in Cameroun)
* African Investment Bank (HQ to be in Libya)
To fund health, education and communications infrastructure projects across Africa, this money, along with 45 billion Euros and even yet more billions of dollars, was confiscated by the U.S. and European countries during the past month, to prevent the 2011 launch of Africa's own non-private supra-national monetary system.
While the Libyan revolution has irritated the West since its inception, and although they never forgave Qadhafi for nationalising Libya’s oil, the most worrying move has been his call for the unification of Africa. After years of tireless effort on the part of Qadhafi and the Libyan revolutionary movement, the idea of a United States of Africa is gaining real momentum and support on the continent and amongst Pan-Africanists worldwide.

"Queen of the Entire European Continents and much more"
As British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth ll is officially the wealthiest, most powerful person on earth. She embodies the 'Crown' and supreme world power.
The Presidents of the United States of America are forbidden any nobility and are subservient to the Monarch. The US President is Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces based at Camp David, which is known to insiders as Camp King David.
Prime Ministers in Commonwealth Nations like Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also subservient to the Queen. The Governor Generals of the Queen's Commonwealth Nations, represent and exercise the Queens power on her behalf. What the general public doesn't realize is that their leaders are only representatives of the monarch and do not posses the power, they only exercise the power. They do not REIGN they RULE. The Monarch on the other hand REIGNS but does not RULE.
By delegating her powers but not exercising her powers, the Queen is left safely outside and above the conflicts and divisions of the political process, protected from becoming a target of political hostilities.
* Choose and Dismiss the Prime Minister
* Dismiss Ministers and the Government
* Dissolve Parliament and call new elections
* Refuse legislation passed by Parliament
* Command the Armed Forces
* Issue Proclamations
* Raise a personal Militia
* Read confidential intelligence and Government documents
* Declare a State of Emergency
* Enact Laws in Her Majesty's name
* Pardon convicted criminals
* Exercise 'Crown' prerogatives
* Grant and bestow Titles
The Parliamentary Oaths Act enacted in 1866 requires all leaders of the 54 commonwealth nations to swear an oath of loyalty to the QUEEN, not to the people who elected them.
"I swear by almighty god that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors according to law, so help me god"
Those who do not swear allegiance are deemed unfit for office including the Prime Minister, Police, Military, Judges, legislators, Lawyers and Public Servants.
* Public land in the Queens colonies is called 'Crown Land' which includes aboriginal land.
* Government Corporations are called 'Crown Corporations'.
* The Central Banks of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others along with their mints are called 'Crown Corporations' and are independent of most Government controls.
The Queen is the lifetime hereditary Head of State for Great Britain and her Colonies and is UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE. It is against the law to advocate for the abolition of the monarchy
The public accounts committee and the national audit office are forbidden to examine the Queen Elizabeth Windsor's family finances. The Civil List payments are reviewed every ten years.
Most of the Queens family fortune was inherited from her ancestors illegal OPIUM TRADE with China and the BLACK SLAVE trade. In 1977 the 'Bank of England Nominees' was established to hide the Queens personal portfolio wealth. Her personal portfolio includes;
* General Electric
* Rio Tinto
* Royal Dutch Shell
* British Petroleum
* Archer Daniels Midland
and much much more..
The Queens visible billions are but a tiny fraction of her invisible wealth accumulated through the "BLACK NOBILITY".

"The Empire of the City"
The City States of 'The Vatican', 'The District of Columbia' and 'The City of London' form one interlocking Empire.
These three City State CORPORATIONS control the world economically, through the City of London Corporation, Militarily, through Washington DC and Spiritually, through The Vatican.
* They pay no taxes
* Are under no National Authority
* Have their own Independent Flag
* Have their own Separate Laws
* Have their own Police Force
* They have totally Independent Identities from the rest of the world.
The three stars shown on the flag of The District of Columbia indicates the three city States, one for each City in the Empire: City of London, Vatican City, Washington District of Columbia

This geo-strategic triangle serves as power base for the Global Management Team.

Washington DC -

United States President Obama, as others before him, operates as the “Vassal King” taking orders from “The City of London” through the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs).
The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under tyrannical Roman law known as “Lex Fori” which bears no resemblance to US Constitution. When congress passed the act of 1871 it created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES and corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States and outside of the best interests of American citizens.

City of London Inc. -

Becoming a Sovereign State in 1694, when King William lll of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the Private Bankers. By 1812, Nathan Rothschild crashed the English stockmarket and scammed control of the Bank of England.
Today, the City State of London is the worlds financial Power Center and the wealthiest square mile on the planet.
It houses;
* Rothschild controlled 'Bank of England'
* Lloyds of London
* The London Stock Exchange
* All British Banks
* The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks
* 70 USA Banks
* Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
* Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry
* Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as 'THE CROWN'
It is not part of London or England or the British Commonwealth.

The Vatican Inc. -

The Vatican's colossal wealth includes enormous investments with the Rothschilds in Britain and France and the USA and with giant oil and weapons corporations like 'Shell', 'British Petroleum' and 'General Electric'.
The Vatican's' SOLID GOLD BULLION worth Billions, is stored with the Rothschild controlled 'Bank of England' and the USA 'Federal Reserve Bank'.
The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence, possessing more material wealth than any Bank, Corporation, Giant Trust or Government anywhere on the globe.
The Pope who is the visible ruler of this colossal global wealth, is one of the richest Men on earth.
While two thirds (2/3) of the world earns less then $2 a day and one fifth (1/5) of the world is underfed or starving to death, the Vatican hoards the worlds wealth, profits from it on the stockmarket and at the same time preaches about giving.
During World War ll, The Vatican was criticized for supporting Hitler and his Nazi regime. To this day, the Vatican is still under investigation for plundering Nazi Gold from the Swiss Bank accounts of Jewish Holocaust victims.
Over the past five decades, more than 1500 Priests and Bishops have been identified in the sexual assault of 10's of thousands of boys and girls in their trusting congregations and orphanages.
Why is this FILTHY RICH INSTITUTION preaching spiritual values, poverty and chastity while Cardinals, Priests and Bishops cover up their crimes of sexual abuse?
Why has the Church fought and resisted the compensation claims of their sexually, emotionally, spiritually traumatized victims?

"The BlackNobility"
The Black Nobility - Bavarian Illuminati - Committe of 300 - Jesuits

The BLACK NOBILITY is a wealthy aristocracy of elite ruling families who solidified their power in the 12th Century by inter-marrying with the wealthy godfather families of Venice, Italy.
During the bloodbaths of the Christian Crusades, this brutal Italian Oligarchy captured the trading monopolies. Over the Centuries the Black Nobility have used their power and wealth to rape, plunder and exploit every corner of the globe.
As a series of inter-locking dynastic royal families called 'The Black Nobility', (Roman aristocratic families) they are families in league with the Roman Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) to bring about the downfall of mankind and establish the One World Government.
Today, they enrich themselves through the illegal drugs and arms trade using well distanced intermediaries turning over an estimated $280 Billion p/a which flows into their secret swiss accounts. These families include;
* The House of Hanover, Germany
* The House of Hapsburg, Austria
* The House of Orange, Netherlands
* The House of Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein
* The House of Guelph, Britain
All of these Houses can be found on Queen Elizabeth ll family tree.

Committee of 300 -
The Black Nobility are the founders of the Commitee of 300. Queen Elizabeth ll is the Head of these 300 ruling Families. They are also known as the ILLUMINATI which was formed to acheive one main objective, a one world government called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Bavarian Illuminati -
On May 1, 1776, under Jesuit orders, a man named Adam Weishaupt united the Black Nobility under the collective name 'The Bavarian Illuminati'. Its mission was the abolition of all monarchical governments and state religions in Europe and its colonies. Weishaupt wrote: "the ends justified the means."
The actual character of the society was modeled on the Jesuits, and was an elaborate network of spies and counter-spies. Each isolated cell of initiates reported to a superior, whom they did not know, a party structure that was effectively adopted by some later groups.
Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath", at Munich in 1777. His project of "illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason, which will dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice" was an unwelcome reform. Soon however he had developed gnostic mysteries of his own, with the goal of "perfecting human" nature through re-education to achieve a communal state with nature, freed of government and organized religion. He began working towards incorporating his system of Illuminism with that of Freemasonry.
He wrote: "I did not bring Deism into Bavaria more than into Rome. I found it here, in great vigour, more abounding than in any of the neighboring Protestant States. I am proud to be known to the world as the founder of the Illuminati. "Weishaupt's radical rationalism and vocabulary was not likely to succeed. Writings that were intercepted in 1784 were interpreted as seditious, and the Society was banned by the government of Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, in 1784. Weishaupt lost his position at the University of Ingolstadt and fled Bavaria.
Giuseppe Mazzini of Italy, a 33rd degree Mason, who replaced Adam Weishapt as the head of the Illuminati in 1834, was a member of the Italian Cabonari. He created the Mafia's blood rituals and secret oathes. He gave the 'Cosa Nostra', the name 'MAFIA'. MAFIA is an acronym, spelling the names of the original Mafiosi Godfathers, Mazzini, Artorizza, Furti, Incendi, Avoligmenti. (Spelling unconfirmed).
The Mafia arrived on American shores in the 1890's with Illuminati financing to establish underground networks and the Black market system. Mazzini appointed America's 'ALBERT PIKE' (a known Satanist) as sovereign pontif, of universal freemasonry and the co-ordinator of the Illuminati's USA activities.

Jesuits -
In 1534, The Society of Jesus was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, who after being wounded in a battle, experienced a religious conversion and composed the 'Spiritual Exercises' to closely follow Christ. Ignatius gathered six young men to vow poverty, chastity, and then obedience to the pope. Rule 13 of Ignatius' Rules for Thinking with the Church said: "I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical Church so defines it" Ignatius' plan of the order's organization of 1539 was approved by Pope Paul III in 1540 by the Papal bull containing the Formula.
In 1769, Pope Clement XIII was poisened the day before he was to sign the Papal Bull supresing the Jesuit Priests.
By 1773, the Jesuits had been expelled from practically every country in Europe until Pope Clement XIV finally abolished their society.

'Marquis De Lafavette' (1757 - 1834)  -
(French aristocrat, military officer and General in the American Revolutionary War)
"It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country, the United States of America, are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety's of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe."

"The Rothschild Banking Dynasty"
50 years after the Bank of England opened it's doors, Amschel Moses Bauer, an 18th century German Jewish moneychanger and trader in silk cloth in the ghetto (called "Judengasse" or Jew Alley) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, opened a coin shop (a counting house) in 1743. Over the door he placed a sign depicting a Roman Eagle on a Red Shield. The shop became known as 'The Red Shield Firm' or in German 'Roth-schild.'
When his son 'Amschel Mayer Bauer' inherited the business, he decided to change his name to 'Rothschild'. He soon learned that loaning money to governments and kings was more profitable than loaning to private individuals. Not only were the loans bigger, but they were secured by the nations taxes.
Mayer Rothschild had 5 sons. He trained them all in the skills of money creation, then sent them out to the major capitals of Europe, to open branch offices of the family banking business.
* His first son Amschel Mayer stayed in Frankfurt to mind the hometown bank.
* His second son Saloman Mayer, was sent to Vienna.
* His third son Nathan, the most clever, was sent to London.
* His fourth son Carl, was sent to Naples.
* His fifth son Jakob, was sent to Paris.
In 1785, Mayer Amschel moved his entire family to a larger house. A five story dwelling he shared with the 'Schiff' family. This house was known as the 'Green Shield'. The Rothschilds and the Schiffs would play a central role in the rest of European history and in that of the United States.
"Allow me to issue and control the money supply of a nation and I care not who makes its laws" -Mayer Amshcel Rothschild, 1828.
By mid 1800's, the family dominated all European banking and were certainly the wealthiest family in the world. They had financed Cecil Rhodes, making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond and gold fields of South Africa. In America they financed the Railroads, the Press, the Carnegie Steel industry among many others. In 1850, James Rothschild, the heir of the French branch of the family, was said to be worth $600m (french francs), $150m more than all the other bankers in France put together.
"The man who controls British money supply controls the British Empire and I control the money supply" -Nathan Rothschild.
In the 19th Century, their power was almost absolute. However, still yet weak in the 'New World' (America) they tried to obtain a Central American Bank in the decade of 1860, but Abraham Lincoln opposed their plan.
In 1865 a German Jew named Jacob Schiff had arrived in America. In 1873 the Rothschilds gave him economic support to buy into the German Jew company Kuhn & Loeb (Lehman Brothers). He married Loeb's eldest daughter (Theresa) and was a virtual unique owner of Kuhn Loeb & Co. He quickly became a multi-millionaire by arranging Rothschild financing of America's expanding railway projects and growth companies including Western Union and Westinghouse.
Rothschild funds, through Jacob Schiff, financed Russia's Revolution.
Schiff, using Rothschild funds, also financed Steel Company empire of Carnegie and Standard Oil empire of J. D. Rockefeller.
Another key person to the empire of the Rothschilds was 'Paul Warburg' with his brother Felix. These German Jews came from Frankfurt in 1902 and, also financed by the Rothschilds, bought shares into Kuhn Loeb & Co. The Rothschilds then sent the Warburgs to New York to influence Congress to vote on a law for a central bank. (Responsible for creating money and determining its value)
Prior to World War 1, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor and grandson of the British Queen Victoria, chose Max Warburg as head of Germany's Secret Service. The Warburg's and the Rothschild's controlled Germany's Central Bank, the Reichsbank which was founded by Meyer Rothschild.
While Max and Felix Warburg helped finance Germany in World War 1, Their brother Paul Warburg of Kuhn & Loeb, helped finance the American side by selling War Bonds through the US Federal Reserve Bank. The Warburg and Rothschild printing presses worked tirelessly on both sides of the Atlantic rolling out DEBT MONEY.

"Birth of the Federal Reserve System"
For more comprehensive Federal Reserve Research CLICK HERE [http://www.peoplesconference.org/federal_reserve_I.htm].
In 1910, sent by the Rothschilds, who were now hiding out in America, 'Paul Warburg' gave a speech requesting one united federal bank with total assets of $100m and the authority to supply money.
A 'Secret Meeting' took place in New Jersey on Jekyll Island in the state of Georgia at the end of November 1910. The Island was bought in 1888 by J.P.Morgan, William Rockefeller, Vanderbilt's and others.

The People Present at this Meeting:
Representing The Rockefeller contingent -
* John D. Rockefeller [American oil magnate]
* Nelson W. Aldrich [Chairman of the National Monetary Commission]
* A.P. Andrews [Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department]
* Frank Vanderlip [President of the National City Bank of New York]
Representing The J.P. Morgan contingent -
* Henry Davidson [Senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company]
* Charles Norton [President of the First National Bank of New York]
* Benjamin Strong [Representing J. P. Morgan]
Representing The Rothschild contingent -
* Paul Warburg [Naturalized German representing Kuhn, Loeb & Co]
Representation unknown -
* Edward M. House [Foreign Policy Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson ]
* Bernard Baruch [Economic Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson]
10 days later an agreement was reached. They called it 'The Federal Reserve System' The draft was approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate on December 23 1913 when most of the senators were absent for christmas. One hour after senate vote, President Woodrow Wilson signed in The Federal Banks Act.

"I am a most unhappy man, I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men" - US President Woodrow Wilson

"Single acts of Tyranny may be ascribed to accidental opinion of the day, but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unadulterably through every change of ministers (administrations) plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery."- US President Thomas Jefferson
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered" - US President Thomas Jefferson

"The money powers prey upon the nations in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic that Monarchy, more insolent that Autocracy, more selfish than Bureaucracy."- US President Abraham Lincoln
"I see in the future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudice of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed."- US President Abraham Lincoln

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"World War One - World War Two - World War Three"
At the time of the 'French Revolution', the German Reich consisted of 300 small City States. Between Napoleon Bonaparte's rule in 1813 and Otto Von Bismarks rule in 1871, Germany was consolidated into One State.
Within 15 years, Germany became one of the worlds Great Powers. Their Navy rivaled that of Great Britain and Trade was rising to its peak world wide. They could under-sell most countries and the products were far superior.
Relations between America and Germany were at their greatest and a joint effort to construct a Trans-continental railway line was underway.
After seeing the exceedingly impressive development of the USA, under Abraham Lincoln and Henry C. Carey's 'System of Economics Policy', which was in itself a protectionist policy that enabled the United States to become the world fastest growing Industrialized power in the history of the world, Otto Von Bismark absorbed the same policy into the German Nation .
A conspiracy developed between England, France and Russia, who were afraid of Germany's rise to power.
There was no other reason, that any historian can give, of why these three countries decided to try and wipe Germany off the map.

World War One 1914 - 'THE GREAT WAR' -
Within TWO YEARS of war, Germany had won. Through the use of it's superior might of marine warfare, its submarines had swept all the convoys from the atlantic ocean. Great Britain stood without enough ammunition and barely a weeks food supply before facing starvation.
Germany offered peace in 1916 negotiated on a 'status quo ante' basis (Let everything be as it was before the war began).
In the summer of 1916, England was seriously considering the proposal, they had no choice but to accept at that stage, the alternative being to carry on and be Totally defeated.
Mean time.. the Zionists in London went to the 'British War Cabinet' and offered to bring the United States of America into the war as an ally, so long as the Cabinet would promise them Palestine after the war is won.
England had as much right to promise Palestine to the Zionists as America would have promising Ireland to Japan
At this time, USA was completely pro-German.
* The Newspapers where controlled by German-Jews
* The Banking Industry was controlled by German-Jews
* The Media and Communications were controlled by German-Jews
List list goes on..
However.. the bankers did not want Russia to win this war. So banking interests, Khun, Loeb & Co. etc. refused to finance France and England because of their Russian Ties. They had poured money into Germany with the aim of destabilizing the Tsars of the Russian regime.
Once the agreement for Palestine was set, the newspapers, who were previously pro-German, switched like a traffic light from green to red. Germans were now characterized as baby killers, murderers and tyrants. The Zionists of London soon sent cables to the United States 'Justice Louis Brandeis' advising him to get to work on the President. Shortly after this, President Woodrow Wilson declared war.
The United States of America was suckered into the war so that the Zionists could obtain Palestine. The receipt took the form of a cryptic letter called 'The Balfour Declaration'.
That is how and why the USA entered World War One!

World War Two - 'THE GREAT LIE' -
After the war, at the Paris Peace conference, attended by no less than 117 Jews. Headed by 'Bernard Baruch', they claimed the right to Palestine by producing their receipt.
The Germans now, for the first time realized that they had suffered defeat because the Zionists had wanted Palestine.
Up to this time, the Jews had never been better off in any country anywhere in the world than they were in Germany, having been accepted in after being pushed out of Russia.
* Walter Rathenau - Industry and Finance, heir to the Empire of AEG.
* North German Lloyd shipping Line
* Hamburg America Shipping Line
* Heads of mos Banking and Finance Institutions.
* The Rothschild's
* The Warburg's
* The Hamburg's
* The Oppenheimers
* The Schiffs
* The Einstein's
Germany was intensely run by the minority German-Jews with no jealous grievances of any significance.
(The population of Germans was between 80 - 90 million. The Jewish population was around 400,000. Because of the devaluation of the German Mark, the Jews were able to buy up practically everything)
In 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922 and 1923, the Zionists wrote in all their Newspapers, the press being filled with their statements, that the 'theory against the Jews in Germany', was that the Germans had realized the great defeat had been brought about by their (Zionist) interception in bringing the USA into the war against them.
The Zionists had admitted that it was a totally political and economic movement, not a religious one.
After some time and much chanting from the Zionists and the Jewish community, the German people began picketing against Jewish businesses. By 1933, when the German people refused to surrender to the World Jewish Conference in Amsterdam, demanding that the Jewish people be returned to their former status and positions of power, the conference broke up and lawyer 'Samuel Untermyer' went to WABC in New York, making a radio broadcast stating ...
"Each of you. Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shop keeper who sells any German made goods or who patronizes German ships or shipping.. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends." - Samuel Untermyer, Radio Broadcast WABC, New York, August 6, 1933. New York Times, August 7, 1933.
Needless to say, the boycott worldwide was very effective, you could not find anything anywhere that had made in Germany on it. Yet still to this point, not a single Jew had been harmed.
Over the next several years, preparations were being made, tempers were being manipulated, technology was developing at an extreme pace. Funding from the Banking Elite was reaching record proportions and the profits were bountiful for them.
In 1938 came the spark to set alight the fire that would shame the world. A young Jew boy from poland, walked into the German Embassy in Paris and shot Ernst Von Rath, an Embassy Official, ironically a known anti-Nazi sympathizer, based on the Nazi treatment of the Jews. This led to the 'Kristallnacht', also to referred to as the Night of Broken Glass and the eventual degradation of German Society triggering the onset of.. World War Two.

Zionists and the Banking Elite had deceptively started World War One and instigated World War Two and been able to drag into both conflicts the United States of America based on Lies. All Wars since then have been influenced and funded by the same Cartel of self interested Supranational's. Provoking the remaining Sovereign Nations into decimation by cannibalization of their own ruling systems which in turn is creating destabilization world wide.
By their actions you will know them!
We are now on the verge of another catastrophic War. With the amount of unrest in countries around the globe, the spring of dissatisfaction has coiled to its zero point.
The 'District of Columbia' [MILITARY GLOBAL MACHINE] and the 'City of London Corporation' [MONETARY GLOBAL MACHINE] are poised to strike. Having an auditorium of puppets to pull and jerk ie. 'United Nations', 'NATO', 'International Monetary Fund', 'World Bank', business round table groups like 'The Bilderberg Group', 'Council on Foreign Relations', 'Tri-Lateral Commission' 'Club of Rome' and others, they are able to go to war without the need to declare a war, their Dictatorial powers have set the stage within which the performance of our entire earth and its populations is about to be played out, many to be totally destroyed, annihilated, erased from the face of the planet and completely wiped out.
Shakespeare said.. "The Whole World is a Stage"
Are we to understand that this is what he was talking about..?
These Supranational's who cowardly hide behind nations, are knowingly provoking and inciting violence using their own militias and terror groups who have been bought and paid for using the money of our own citizens the world over. We need to be fully aware of this underhanded method to create division amongst our nations. The goal is clear.. The complete and utter destruction of the current system, designed by the world's current governing structure. That they may usher in a new world order, a new system of control, where there is just two classes of people ... Them ... and Us!
The ultimate HEGELIAN DIALECTIC is then realized ..
Problem - They create the problem
Reaction - We plead for help
Solution - They provide the solution

"The United Nations Cartel, Security Council and It's unlawful subsidiaries"
The United Nations was formed by the nations that joined together against Germany in the Second World War. Those countries formed a body called the Security Council, made its own countries permanent members and granted them the power of veto.
The United Nations was shaped in line with those three countries and wanted the world to step into shoes originally designed against Germany. That is the real substance of the United Nations when it was founded over 60 years ago.
That happened in the absence of some 165 countries, at a ratio of one to eight; that is, one was present and eight were absent. They created the Charter. If one reads the Charter of the United Nations, one finds that the Preamble of the Charter differs from its Articles. How did it come into existence? All those who attended the San Francisco Conference in 1945 participated in creating the Preamble, but they left the Articles and internal rules of procedures of the so-called Security Council to experts, specialists and interested countries, which were those countries that had established the Security Council and had united against Germany.
The Preamble is very appealing, and no one objects to it, but all the provisions that follow it completely contradict the Preamble.
The Preamble says that all nations, small or large, are equal. Are we equal when it comes to the permanent seats? No, we are not equal.
The Preamble states in writing that all nations are equal whether they are small or large. Do we all have the right of veto? No we do not. The Preamble says that we have equal rights, whether we are large or small. That is what is stated and what was agreed in the Preamble. So the veto contradicts the Charter and the permanent seats contradict the Charter.
The Preamble of the Charter states that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest. It says that armed force shall only be used in the common interest of all nations, but what has happened since then? Sixty-five wars have broken out since the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council — 65 since their creation, with millions more victims than in the Second World War. Are those wars, and the aggression and force that were used in those 65 wars, in the common interest of us all? No, they were in the interest of one or three or four countries, but not of all nations.
The Preamble also states that if armed force is used, it must be a United Nations force — thus, military intervention by the United Nations, with the joint agreement of the United Nations, not one or two or three countries using armed force. The entire United Nations will decide to go to war to maintain international peace and security. Since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, if there is an act of aggression by one country against another, the entire United Nations should deter and stop that act.
If a country, Libya for instance, were to exhibit aggression against France, then the entire Organization would respond because France is a sovereign State Member of the United Nations and we all share the collective responsibility to protect the sovereignty of all nations. However, 65 aggressive wars have taken place without any United Nations action to prevent them.
Eight other massive, fierce wars, whose victims number some 2 million, have been waged by Member States that enjoy veto powers. Those countries that would have us believe they seek to maintain the sovereignty and independence of peoples actually use aggressive force against peoples.
They have resorted to aggressive wars and hostile behavior. Enjoying the veto they granted themselves as permanent members of the Security Council, they have initiated wars that have claimed millions of victims.
The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. No country, therefore, has the right to interfere in the affairs of any Government, be it democratic or dictatorial, socialist or capitalist, reactionary or progressive. This is the responsibility of each society; it is an internal matter for the people of the country concerned.
The senators of Rome once appointed their leader, Julius Caesar, as dictator because it was good for Rome at that time. No one can say of Rome at that time that it gave Caesar the veto. The veto is not mentioned in the Charter.
Who gave the permanent members their status in the Security Council?
Four of them granted this status to themselves!
How can we be happy about global peace and security if the whole world is controlled by only five countries? We are 192 nations and countries, and they are like Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park. They just speak and nobody implements their decisions.
The General Assembly are mere decoration.

As a brief example of the subsidiaries of the United Nations Cartel, the war on Libya was launched on the pretext and justification that Gadaffi was killing civilians and that the US and NATO had a responsibility to come to the rescue of innocent civilians. LIE.
On the very same day a UN no-fly-zone resolution was being discussed, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen, "admitted their utter ignorance as to what's happening on the ground in Libya"
The following is an extract from the March 1st briefing at the Pentagon;

Federal News Service, March 1, 2011 Tuesday -
Q: Mr. Secretary, Admiral Mullen just mentioned that in Libya Moammar Gadhafi is waging war on his own people, as you put it. What -- is U.S. military intervention realistic? And what specific kinds of options are you considering? Could you describe, for example, the possibility of a no-fly zone or arming rebel forces?
A: (Secretary of Defence - ROBERT GATES) "I would -- I would note that the U.N. Security Council resolution provides no authorization for the use of armed force. There is no unanimity within NATO for the use of armed force. And the kinds of options that have been talked about in the press and elsewhere also have their own consequences and second- and third-order effects. So they need to be considered very carefully."
Q: Do you see any evidence that [Gaddafi] actually has fired on his own people from the air? There were reports of it, but do you have independent confirmation? If so, to what extent?
A: (Secretary of Defence - ROBERT GATES) "We've seen the press reports, but we have no confirmation of that".
A: (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - Admiral MICHAEL MULLEN) "That's correct. We've seen no confirmation whatsoever."

It is now commonly known the United Nations Security council acted on fabricated information given to them by Al Jazeera, a known western alliance. The military coalition under NATO leadership is supporting a rebellion that includes Islamist terrorists! No one can deny that the Libyan rebels who are today supported by Washington were only yesterday jihadists killing American GIs in Iraq.

The first shipment of Libyan oil arrived to the US on June 8th, following a deal signed by the US and the 'Transitional National Council', the self-proclaimed legitimate government of Libya.
The sale finally reveals the true reasons behind the NATO campaign, previously described as an attempt to provide security for Libyan civilians. The said civilians keep suffering, NATO forces keep trying to break the stalemate and America seems to be the only side of the conflict benefitting from the so-called "rescue operation". A plan "to take all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian populated areas", declared by the UN Security council resolution is failing miserably.
However, while Libyan civilians suffer from the actions of both the rebels and government troops, Libyan oil is getting safely transported to America.

The objective of the war against Libya is not just its oil reserves now estimated at 60 billion barrels, which are the greatest in Africa and whose extraction costs are among the lowest in the world, nor the natural gas reserves of which are estimated at about 1,500 billion cubic meters.
In the crosshairs of the operation "Unified Protector" there are Sovereign Wealth Funds, capital that the Libyan state has invested abroad. U.S. and European ruling circles focused on these funds, so that before carrying out a military attack on Libya to get their hands on its energy wealth, they took over the Libyan sovereign wealth funds. Facilitating this operation is the representative of the Libyan Investment Authority, Mohamed Layas himself: as revealed in a cable published by WikiLeaks. On January 20 Layas informed the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli that LIA had deposited $32 billion in U.S. banks.
Five weeks later, on February 28, the U.S. Treasury "froze" these accounts.
According to official statements, this is "the largest sum ever blocked in the United States, which Washington held in trust for the future of Libya." It will in fact serve as an injection of capital into the U.S. economy, which is more and more in debt.
A few days later, the E.U. "froze" around 45 billion Euros of Libyan funds

United Nations Emblem 1945

Roman Empire Emblem 753 bc - 476 ad

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"The United States of America Incorporated"
U.S.A. is a Crown Colony — careful study of signed treaties/charters between Britain and U.S. exposes a well-kept secret – U.S. has always been and remains a British Crown colony. King James is not just famous for translating the Bible into “The King James Version”, but for signing the first charter of Virginia in 1606, which granted America’s British forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. It also guaranteed future Kings/Queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens and colonized land in America, stolen from Native Americans via genocidal methods.
Its farming industry and infrastructure was developed by Africans “stolen” from their homeland, classified as property and relegated to sub-human status.
After America declared independence from Great Britain, the Treaty of 1783 was signed. The treaty identifies the 'King of England' as prince of U.S.A. completely contradicting the premise that America won The War of Independence. Though King George III gave up most of his claims over American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonizing America.
If America had really won War of Independence, they would never have agreed to pay debts and reparations to the King of England. America’s blood soaked War of Independence against the British bankrupted America, turning its citizens into permanent debt slaves of the King. In the War of 1812, the British torched and burned to the ground the White House and all US government buildings, destroying ratification records of US Constitution.
Most US citizens have been fooled into thinking that the U.S.A. is a country and the President of the United States is the most powerful man in it.
Well the US is NOT a country, it is a corporation (colony) and the President of the United States is president of “The Corporation of the United States”. He along with his officers (cabinet officials) and elected officials (congress) work for the corporation, NOT for American people.
Since U.S. is a corporation, who owns the corporation of the United States?
Like Canada, Australia and New Zealand whose leaders are Prime Ministers of the Queen, and whose land is called Crown Land, U.S.A. is just another crown colony.
Crown colonies are controlled by the Empire of the three City States.
A careful analysis of the flag reveals the true powers behind the United States of America.

"A Timeline of Money Creation"
A 2000 year Timeline of Money Creation and the unveiling of the Great Scam that is the Central Banking System. Finally, the truth is laid bare for all throughout the world to see.

200bc. Rome -
Rome was having trouble with the money changers. 2 early Roman Emperors were assassinated because of their attempts to diminish the power of the money changers by reforming Usury laws and limiting land ownership to 500 acres.

48bc. Julius Caesar -
Julius Caesar took back the power to coin money from the money changers and minted coins for the benefit of all, building great public works projects and making money plentiful which won him the love of the common man. The money changers hated him and he was soon assassinated. With the of death of Caesar came the demise of plentiful money in Rome. Taxes increased, as did corruption and eventually the money supply was reduced by 90%. As a result the common people lost their lands and their homes and The Roman Empire plunged into the Dark Ages.

1100ad. King Henry 1st -
King Henry 1st finally resolved to take the power away from the gold smiths and introduced the ‘Tally Stick System’ (accepted for the payment of taxes1100ad -1826ad.) One of the original stockholders in the Bank of England (1694) purchased his share with ‘a stick of wood’. The British Empire was built on the ‘Tally Stick System’. No other form of money has ever lasted as long

1500’s King Henry 8th -
King Henry 8th finally relaxed the laws of Usury. The Money changers wasted no time reasserting themselves and made gold and silver coins plentiful for a few decades.

1553 Queen Mary 1st -
Queen Mary 1st took the throne and tightened the Usury Laws again, the money changers renewed the hording of gold and silver coins forcing the economy to plummet.

1558 Queen Elizabeth 1st -
Queen Elizabeth 1st determined to regain control of the money, issued gold and silver coins from the public treasury.

1625 King Charles 1st -
Oliver Cromwell was financed by the money changes and over-threw King Charles, purged parliament and put the King to Death. The Money changers were immediately allowed to consolidate their power, resulting in the next fifty years of war profits. They took over a property in the square mile of London known as the ‘City of London’

1688 William of Orange -
From 1672 he governed as over Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, and Overijssel of the Dutch Republic. From 1689 he reigned as William III over England and Ireland.
Conflicts with the Stuart Kings led the money changers in England to combine with those in the Netherlands to finance the invasion of William of Orange who over-threw the Stuarts in 1688 and took the English throne.

1694 The Bank of England -
By the end of the 1600’s England was in financial ruin. 50 years of costly wars with France and Holland had exhausted her. Frantic government officials met with the money changers to beg for the loans necessary to pursue their political purposes.
The price was a government sanctioned privately owned Bank which could issue money created out of nothing. It was to be the worlds first privately owned Central bank.
Like any other Private corporation it sold shares to get started. The Investors, whose names were not revealed, were supposed to put up 1.25 million pounds and gold coin to buy their shares in the bank, but only 750, 000 pounds was ever received. Despite that, the bank was duly chartered in 1694 and started out in the business of loaning out several times the money it supposedly had in reserves, all at interest.
In exchange, the new bank would loan to the British Politicians as much of the new currency as they wanted, so long as they secured the debt by direct taxation of the British people.
So, legalization of the Bank of England amounted to nothing less than the legal counterfeiting of a national currency for private gain. Unfortunately, nearly every country in the world has a central Bank using the Bank of England as the basic model. Such is the power of these central banks that they soon take total control over a nation’s economy amounting to a Plutocracy (Rule by the Rich)
With the formation of the Bank of England, the nation was soon awash in money. Prices throughout the country doubled, massive loans were granted for just about any wild scheme. By 1698 Govt. debt grew from 1.25 million pounds to 16 million pounds. Taxes were increased and then increased again to pay for all of this. With the Central bank firmly in control, the British economy began a series of booms and depressions, exactly the sort of thing a Central Bank claims it is determined to prevent.

1743 The Rothschilds -
50 years after the Bank of England opened it's doors, Amschel Moses Bauer, a German-Jewish moneychanger in the ghetto in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, opened a coin shop in 1743. Over the door he placed a sign depicting a Roman Eagle on a Red Shield. The shop became known as 'The Red Shield Firm' or in German 'Roth-schild.'
When his son 'Amschel Mayer Bauer' inherited the business, he decided to change his name to 'Rothschild'. He soon learned that loaning money to governments and kings was more profitable than loaning to private individuals. Not only were the loans bigger, but they were secured by the nations taxes.
Mayer Rothschild had 5 sons. He trained them all in the skills of money creation, then sent them out to the major capitals of Europe, to open branch offices of the family banking business.
* His first son Amschel Mayer stayed in Frankfurt to mind the hometown bank.
* His second son Saloman Mayer, was sent to Vienna.
* His third son Nathan, the most clever, was sent to London.
* His fourth son Carl, was sent to Naples.
* His fifth son Jakob, was sent to Paris.
In 1785, Mayer Amschel moved his entire family to a larger house. A five story dwelling he shared with the 'Schiff' family. This house was known as the 'Green Shield'. The Rothschild’s and the Schiff’s would play a central role in the rest of European history and in that of the United States.
The Rothschild’s soon broke into royal deals with Prince Frederick William of Hesse-Kassel, at first helping him speculate on precious coins, but when Napoleon chased the prince into exile, the Prince sent Nathan Rothschild’s 550,000 pounds (a gigantic sum at that time) with instructions to buy British Government bonds. But Rothschild used the money for his own purposes. With Napoleon on the loose, the opportunities for war-time investments were nearly limitless.

1750’s American Colonies -
By the mid 1700’s, nearing it’s height of power around the world, the British Governments debt was a staggering 140 million pounds. Consequently, the British began to increase taxes on the American colonies to pay back the interest on the debt.
At this time there was a severe shortage of metal coins, so the early colonists were forced to experiment with printing their own paper money. Called Colonial Scrip, the endeavor was very successful, providing a reliable medium of exchange and a feeling of unity between the colonies.
COLONIAL SCRIP was not backed by anything like gold or silver coin, it was a totally ‘Fiat’ currency. (‘Fiat’ money is money that derives its value from government regulation or law).

1757 Colonial Scrip -
Benjamin Franklin was a great supporter of the colonies printing their own paper money He was sent to London, staying for the next 18 years, nearly up to the beginning of the American Revolution. One day, Officials at The Bank of England asked Franklin how he would account for the new found prosperity of the colonies. Without hesitation he replied…
“That is simple. In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Scrip. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to anyone” - Benjamin Franklin to The Bank of England Officials.
Although this was common sense to Franklin, the impact it had on The Bank of England was devastating. America had learned the secret of money and that Genie had to be returned to its bottle as soon as possible.
“The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction. The inability of colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George the III and the international bankers was the PRIME reason for the Revolutionary War.”- Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.

1775 American Revolution -
By the time the first shots were fired in Lexington Massachusetts on April 19th, the colonies had been drained of Gold and Silver coin by British taxation. As a result, the continental congress had no choice but to print money to finance the war. At the start of the revolution the American money supply stood at 12 million dollars, by the end of the war it was nearly 500 million, resulting in hyper-inflation. (A pair of shoe’s sold for $5,000) Colonial Scrip had worked previously because just enough was issued to facilitate trade

1781 The Bank of North America (1st Central Bank) -
Robert Morris (Financial Superintendent of the Continental Congress) was allowed to open a privately owned central bank called The Bank of North America, it was closely modeled after The Bank of England. It was allowed to practice ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ meaning, it could lend out money it did not have, then charge interest on it. The Banks charter called for private investors to put up $400,000 of initial capital, but when Morris was unable to raise the money, he used his political influence to have gold deposited in the bank, which had been loaned to America by France. He then loaned this money to himself and his friends to re-invest in shares of the Bank. Like the Bank of England, it was given a monopoly over the national currency.
The value of the American currency soon began to plummet, so 4 years later in 1785, the Banks charter was not renewed.

1791 The First Bank of the United States (2nd Central Bank) -
The men behind The Bank of North America, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morris and the Bank's President Thomas Willing did not give up. Only six years later Alexander Hamilton, then Secretary of the Treasury, and his mentor Morris, rammed a new privately owned central bank through the new congress called The First Bank of the United States with the same President in Thomas Willing. The players were the same, only the name of the bank had changed. Hamilton, Morris, Willing and their European backers convinced the bulk of the delegates to the convention on the constitution to not give congress the power to issue paper money.
Congress passed the bill and gave it a 20 year charter. It was given a monopoly on printing the US currency, even though 80% of its stock would be held by private investors, the other 20% being purchased by the US government. But the reason was not to give the government a piece of the action, it was to provide the capital to the other 80% owners.
As with the old Bank of North America and The Bank of England, the stockholders never paid the full amount for their shares. The US Government put up their initial 2 million dollars in cash, then the Bank, through the magic of ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ made loans to its charter investors, so they could come up with the remaining 8 million dollars of capital needed for this risk free investment.
Like the Bank of England, the name of The Bank of the United States was chosen to hide the fact that it was privately controlled. Also, like The Bank of England, the names of the investors in the Bank were never revealed. Many years later it was a common saying that the Rothschild’s were the power behind the old Bank of the United States.

1800 The Bank of France -
Just as The Bank of England, The Bank of France was organised. But Napoleon decided France had to break free of debt and he never trusted the Bank of France. He declared that when the government is dependent on the bankers for money, the Bankers not the leaders of the Government are in control.

1800 Thomas Jefferson -
By 1803 Jefferson and Napoleon had struck a deal. The US gave Napoleon 3 million dollars in gold in exchange for a huge chunk of territory west of the Mississippi river, the Louisiana Purchase. Napoleon quickly forged an army and set off across Europe conquering everything in his path. But the Bank of England quickly rose to oppose him financing every nation in his path reaping the enormous profits of war. Four years later the Duke of Wellingtons attacks from the south and other defeats eventually forced Napoleon to abdicate and Louis XVIII was crowned King, sending Napoleon into exile.

1811 Bank of the United States Charter not renewed

A bill was put before congress to renew the banks charter. Nathan Rothschild warned that if the Banks charter was not renewed, the United States would find itself in a most disastrous war. James Madison 4th President was a staunch opponent of the central bank and with his vice president sent the bank into oblivion. Within months Britain attacked the US and the war of 1812 was on.

1815 Waterloo and the Rothschild domination of Europe -
Prince Frederick William of Hesse-Kassel returned sometime prior to the battle of waterloo and summoned Rothschild. He demanded his money back. The Rothschilds returned Prince Williams money along with the interest that he would have made had the investments been made, but kept all the past profits accumulated using Prince Williams money.
In March of 1815, Napoleon equipped an army which the Duke of Wellington defeated 90 days later at Waterloo. From this point on it was not uncommon for privately controlled central banks to fund both sides of a war.
At the Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild stationed a trusted agent (Rothworth) on the North side of the battlefield closer to the English Channel. Once the battle had been decided Rothworth took off for the channel. He delivered the news to Nathan Rothschild a full 24 hours before Wellingtons own courier. Rothschild hurried to the stock market, taking up his usual position under an ancient pillar. All eyes were on him for he had a legendary communications network. If Napoleon had been defeated and was loose on the continent again, Britain’s financial situation would become grave. Rothschild looked saddened. He stood there motionless, eyes down cast, then suddenly began selling, prompting nervous investors to speculate that it could only mean one thing. Napoleon must have won. The market plummeted. Soon everyone was selling their British Government bonds and prices dropped sharply. But secretly, Rothschild was buying up the bonds through his agents for only fractions of their worth.
The day after the Battle of Waterloo, in a matter of hours, Nathan Rothschild came to dominate not only the bond market, but the Bank of England as well.
The Rothschilds soon became unbelievably wealthy. By the mid 1800’s they dominated all European banking and were certainly the wealthiest family in the world. They had financed Cecil Rhodes, making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the diamond and gold fields of South Africa. In America they financed the Railroads, the Press, the Carnegie Steel industry among many others. By 1850, James Rothschild, the heir of the French branch of the family, was said to be worth $600m (french francs), $150m more than all the other bankers in France put together. By the end of the 19th Century the Rothschild controlled practically half the wealth of the entire world.

Central Banks 300 Years of History -
We need Central Banking, just not in PRIVATE hands.
The Central Bank scam is really a hidden tax, the nation sells bonds to the central bank to pay for things it does not have the political will to raise taxes to pay for. But the bonds are purchased with money that the central bank created out of nothing. More money in circulation makes your money worth-less. The government gets as much money as it needs and the people pay for it in inflation.
The beauty of the plan is that not one person in a thousand can figure it out because it is usually hidden behind complex sounding economics gibberish.
Central banks and the large commercial banks are up to three centuries old, and deeply entrenched in the economic life of many nations. These banks are no longer dependent on clever individuals. Years ago, the question of ownership was important but no longer. For Example, both the Bank of England and the bank of France were nationalized but nothing at all changed. They endure and continue to grow, protected by numerous laws, paid politicians and a corrupted special interest media, untouched by the changing generations.
It is the corrupt banking system that was and is used, to consolidate vast wealth into fewer and fewer hands that is our current economic problem. Change the names of the main players now and the problem will neither go away nor miss a beat. Likewise, among the hoards of bureaucrats working in the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, central banks and the international banks, only a tiny fraction have any idea of what is really going on. Monetary reform is the biggest issue facing any nation.
We are over our heads in debt because we are laboring under a debt money system that is designed and controlled by private bankers.

Solution -
There is a solution. We can become debt free in a short time simply by paying off the treasury bonds with debt free sovereign notes just like the greenbacks that Abraham Lincoln issued.
To avoid the old consequences of inflation and deflation, as the Treasury buys up its bonds on the open market with sovereign notes, the reserve requirements of your hometown local bank will be proportionally raised so the amount of money in circulation remains constant. As those holding bonds, are paid off with sovereign notes, they will deposit this money, thus making available the currency then needed by the banks to increase their reserve requirements.
Once all the Treasury Bonds are replaced with sovereign notes, banks will be at 100% reserve banking, instead of the fractional reserve system currently in use.
From this point on, the Central Banks will only be needed as a central clearing house for cheques and as vaults for sovereign notes. Monetary power can be transferred back to the treasury dept. There will be no further creation or contraction of money by banks. By doing it this way, the central banking system can be abolished without a national bankruptcy, a financial collapse, inflation or deflation or any significant change and the people can go about their business.
To the average person, the primary difference would be, for the first time since central banking was established, taxes would begin to go down.
Pay off the debt with debt-free sovereign notes (If we can issue $1 bond we can issue $1 bill. Both rest on the faith and credit of the people.
Abolish fractional reserve banking. As the debt is paid off, the reserve requirements of all banks and financial institutions would be raised proportionately at the same time …
Repeal the Reserve banking act, this act delegates the money power to a private banking monopoly. The money power must be handed back to the dept. of the  treasury (the people). No banker or  person in any way affiliated with financial institutions should be allowed to regulate banking.
Withdraw from the IMF, BIS and the World Bank. These financial institutions are used to further centralize the power of international bankers over the worlds economies.
The money supply should increase slowly to keep prices stable, roughly in proportion to population growth (est. 3% p/a) not at the whim of a group of bankers meeting secretly.
All deliberations are to be public, based on statistics of population growth and the price level index. The new monetary lenders in the Tresury Dept. (monetary committee) will have absolutely no discretion on this matter except in times of war. This would ensure a steady stable growth of roughly 3% per year, resulting in stable prices and no sharp changes in the money supply.
Every Sovereign Nation must first reclaim its Sovereignty then take back the power to issue its own money. This is NOT a radical solution. It is the same solution used at different points in American and other nation’s history as it tried to break free from Colonial Rule and the Central Banking philosophy of a debt based money system.
But don’t take my word for it …
Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274): " …To take interest for money lent is unjust in itself, because this is to sell what does not exist, and this evidently leads to inequality, which is contrary to justice”

Mayer Amshcel Rothschild – Father of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty: "…Allow me to issue and control the money supply of a nation and I care not who makes its laws"

"…The man who controls British money supply controls the British Empire and I control the money supply" - Nathan Rothschild - London Banking Dynasty

Thomas Jefferson - US President: "…If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered"

Thomas Jefferson - US President: “…I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.”

“…History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” - James Madison - US President

Andrew Jackson - US President (Speaking to a group of investment bankers trying to persuade him to renew their central bank charter in 1828): "… You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning."

Abraham Lincoln - US President: "…The money powers prey upon the nations in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic that Monarchy, more insolent that Autocracy, more selfish than Bureaucracy."

Abraham Lincoln - US President: "…I see in the future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned. An era of corruption will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudice of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed."

Abraham Lincoln - US President: “… I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.”

Henry Ford - American industrialist, the founder of the ‘Ford Motor Company’: “…It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

James A. Garfield - US President: “… He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.”

Woodrow Wilson - US President: "… I am a most unhappy man, I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.”

Woodrow Wilson - US President: “… We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men”

“… The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present - -and is gravely to be regarded.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower - US President

John F. Kennedy - US President: On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

John F. Kennedy - US President: "… We are opposed around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. That relies primarily on covet means for expanding its' sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine, that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political Operations. It's preparations are concealed not published. It's mistakes are buried not headlined. It's de centers are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

Carroll Quigley - Georgetown University Professor 1966 (With permission to internally investigate the aims of the ‘Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):
"… The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.  The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups."

Milton Friedman: “… To paraphrase Clemenceau, money is much too serious a matter to be left to the central bankers…”